Brands We Carry

  • Carolina Herrera
  • Chopard
  • Costa Del Mar Eye Wear & Sunglasses
  • Gold And Wood
  • Gucci
  • Igreen
  • Kendall And Kylie Eyewear
  • Lindberg
  • Modo
  • Ovvo
  • Ray-ban
  • Sama Eye Wear
  • Stella Mccartney
  • Tom Daves
  • Wileyx
  • Ziggy Eye Wear

LINDBERG eyewear tells the world you have a connoisseur’s appreciation of exceptional design and high-quality materials. Handmade in Denmark, every frame is customized to your specifications and is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship.

Chopard eyewear collection consists of both mens and ladies optical, all made by hand in Italy by an independent manufacturer known for producing high quality eyewear. Meticulous attention in the hand-crafted details, combined with cutting-edge technologies, give life to wonderful glasses, made with refined, modern materials and featuring an elegant design and unparalleled quality.

*please note* we are the only location in San Antonio to have Chopard

Orgreen Optics is the story of two cultures, fusing Danish design with Japanese skill. Japan is a country known for its excellence in eyewear manufacturing, meaning only the highest quality frames are produced. With such dedicated master craftsmen at work, it comes as no surprise that each frame goes through more than 100 working stages when being handcrafted to absolute perfection; a process that can sometimes take up to 6 months!
Gold & Wood
The Gold & Wood Master Craftsmen cultivate the perfection of this concept utilizing the strictest rules of luxury craftsmanship. They excel at crafting objects of exception, designed with the rarest of noble materials.
iGreen Custom
Imagine being able to wear what represents you best. Endless possibilities to express your creativity without limitations, envision yourself wearing a frame created and designed by you! Our iGreen Custom program brings this vision to life, where you are the designer of your own unique frame. We have created a program to ensure everyone has the perfect fit no matter which style they love from our 4.0 Collection and that’s why we offer up to three different eye-sizes for every custom shape

For those who don’t, nor want to, fit the mold. Those who don’t want to be run through the mill. For those who say f%#k the talk and walk the walk. Those who chose not what is “IN” but what speaks to them. Those who do what they do not because they have to but because they must, because it is what they are, because it makes them say oH every morning when they get up. For the quiet, the contemplative, the creative, the kind. Those who don’t want you to stare but who want others who understand to look again. The chief, the ceramic thrower, the silversmith, the chair maker, the guitar player, the writer, the therapist, the volunteer, those who see the details, who work towards a world as it should be, not necessarily how it is. Those who want something honestly made, who want to feel a connection to what they use and those who made it. Those like our staff, our designers, and our craftspeople.

ORIGINAL SINCE 1995 A new level of style and design has been achieved by this collection.The subtle details and innovative color combinations make this line strictly féminine.Be different ! Be unique ! Create your look !
Spectacle Eyeworks
Spectacle Eyeworks, the exclusive house line, is a diverse collection of plastic, and stainless steel styles.This collection is sure to be one to suit any style-conscious consumer who sees eyewear as not just a necessity but a fashion accessory. Styles from this collection vary vastly however they have one thing in common “niche design”; this collection has been nominated for Eyewear of the Year at the International Optical Fair Tokyo and for a SILMO d’Or award at the International Grand Prix of Technology and Fashion in Paris.
With slim silhouettes, innovative materials, and simple constructions, the MODO collection combines design and function for beautiful results. This is the brand for the socially conscience, MODO’s Buy a Frame – Help a Child See program has helped more than one million children in India to see by offering free vision screenings, prescription glasses and corrective treatments.
Tom Davies “Be Spoke”
Handcrafted by our master craftsmen in our London factory, these optical frames feature an array of pure titanium and acetate to suit every face shape. Full collections can be found in our Tom Davies stores in London and our global network of optical retailers.
Some customers know exactly what they want. With bespoke, if we don’t have it, we can create it. Some customers want us to tell them which shapes suit them and what will make them look good. We like to work together to create glasses that fit.
Upholding the highest standard of excellence, OVVO Optics has been creating high-performance, technologically-advanced eyewear since 1980. Made by hand at our family-owned facility in Poland, OVVO frames undergo 85 steps of meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring every pair meets the rigorous demands of the modern customer.We utilize the highest grade materials then implement patented technology to create advanced innovation across all OVVO Optics collections. This passion for precision and performance is evident in the sophisticated design, optimum reliability, and lightweight comfort of every frame.