Established in 1984, Abba optical has always catered to the refined taste of the Colonnade area clientele. Specializing in rare and unusual eyeglass frames Abba has become the trendsetter in luxury eyewear. Our recently remodeled dispensary contains some of the finest European eyewear available today with selections from Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Japan. Frames made from Titanium, wood, Buffalo horn,bird feathers,leather, Bamboo and other lightweight comfortable materials.

The on-site finishing laboratory has state of the art equipment including a new robotic lens edger that not only cuts your lenses the perfect size and shape but drills holes, bevels and facets. It also mounts precious stones such as rubies and even diamonds in your new lenses. The master optician on staff will be happy to customize your lenses for a look all your own.


Traction is an association of shapes and colors without any restriction, these glasses are not a simple remedy to the vision problems, they have also the vocation to dress the face on the same basis that a luxury accessory.

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Abba’s new robotic lens edger can do custom shapes like the state of Texas and the Alamo!

Faceted and beveled edges, rhinestones and even precious stones can be mounted in your lenses.

Design your own or let our master optician create something personalized for your features and taste.

Prescription OAKLEY SUNGLASSES in custom colors and personalized